"One of the newest brightest tightest, smoothest, most energetic Bands to ever come through . . ."- Alan Walden, 2003 Inductee, Georgia Music Hall Of Fame

"This band delivers a little bit of everything from feel-good rock to tear jerking ballads, face melting jams, dark heavy riffing, thought provoking Lyrics, Bad ass classic covers & an amazing vocal package Make sure you catch them on their way to legendary!" Sunshine Daydream Memorial Park

“Bragg Jam Must See: "I do always pick one band, that I have to see, no matter what. Like even if Jesus returned, I'd still try to make sure I wasn't raptured until I could get to see a couple of songs from this one band. This year, that band Is Thomas Wynn and the Believers. He's the son of original Cowboy drummer Tom Wynn, and that whole Capricorn connection is great and all, but this fellow has some serious rock muscle. Do not miss him. In fact, if you see him, throw yourself upon him because this is one of those bands that Bragg Jam may only be able to afford this year. -- 11thHourOnline” - 11th Hour Online

“Sounding like an even more soulful and sincere Black Crowes, this outfit easily ranks as one of Florida's finest, plying audiences with a heady brew of rock, country, gospel and Southern soul. They'll leave you wide-eyed and sanctified.”   - Skipper's Smokehouse & Talent Agency

“For once, you have a Florida band that is Florida. They look Florida; they sound Florida, with a touch of Molly Hatchett sprinkled on The Band, Neil Young, and The Black Crowes. Not hipster transplant Florida, but Florida Florida. ” - John Prinzo, Reax Music Magazine    

". . . outstanding Orlando alt-country outfit alternates between quiet folk and barn-burning rockers such as the kiss-off "You Can't Hurt Me" which throws some blazing Crazy Horse grunge into the mix. At the core of the band's success is Wynn's gold-dust voice."  - Wade Tatangelo, Creative Loafing
“one of the most exciting new bands in Florida! folks stood, jaws dropped...shook their heads and said "damn." can't remember last time I was this impressed by a band I knew nothing about. Don't pigeon hole as alt-country! as much soul & blues in their sound as twang. Ultra professional”
- Bev Cranshaw/Randy Wynne wmnf 88.5 fm

“ever-astounding Floridian powerhouse of soulful, gutsy, talented southern rock, the gritty power of Thomas' songwriting is matched only by the authenticity of Olivia's tones & the powerful presence of the band. no surprise they keep risin' to the top. experiencing them will lift your spirit and soul!”
- Ben Phillipps, fan, WESH-2 Best Band

* * * * *
If you like Tom Petty, The Band, The Black Crowes, Dylan,  Redding, CCR, and a little Pink Floyd -- a mix of the classics, R&B and gospel -- plus a new vein of rock --> gritty, yet pure uplifting Soul Rock<-- you'll love TW&TB!  The Orlando Sentinel dubbed them "Southern Rock Muscle ~ Soulful Rock n' Blues."  Thomas Wynn and The Believers is a 6-piece combo, writing epic, yet innovative originals, touring nationally, making more and more "believers" wherever they go . . .

Blistering rock and southern soul, this sibling-led fiery ensemble (Thomas and sister Olivia) began playing the Orlando, Florida original music circuit as The Wynn Brothers Band (Feel the Good 2006) which included older brother Jordan on bass and their dad on drums.  And as such, they garnered a loyal cross-generational fan base.  After different goals surfaced, TW&TB was born and continues shaking the heavens with never-heard-before-yet-classic soulful rock and roll.  The backstory is in the 1970s, their father, Tom Wynn, was the original drummer of Cowboy, one of Capricorn Studio's (Allman Brothers) legendary bands. His influence, as well as their faith, lead to their leading worship ministries at church and undoubtedly shaped their songwriting and musical interests. Their deeply rooted upbringing certainly laid the foundation for what the Wynns bring to The Believers' sound.

TW&TB personifies rugged, yet uplifting spirited rock . . . and as a songwriter, Thomas' tunes are brutally honest and heartfelt.  The themes of the band go beyond years of drugs, heartbreaks and hypocrisy to deliver a message of hope.  They radiate a southern charm that is all their own and have quickly become many-a-believer's favorite!

* * * * * * *
And we're recording . . .
Huge news, Believers!  We're beginning to record our 3rd studio album. . .
We've just tracked drums and it is sounding so dang good, it's killin' us.
Ya'll keep believin' and coming back for updates, and pretty soon ya'll will be able to get your grubby lil' hands on it . . .


“Orlando, Fla already knows the best kept secret in Southern music. As for the rest of the world, if this new CD (The Reason) is an indicator, they will all know soon enough. Thomas Wynn & The Believers have been blowing away audiences all around w/a unique sound that is as original as it is radio ready”

“Best New Bands ~ TWTB rock their roots!” - Best New Bands

“Thomas Wynn and the Believers place faith in family and music . . .” -  Red and Black
“allow me to introduce you to a local talent that actually deserves the attention they’ve been getting - Their heady brew of rock, country, gospel & Southern soul is one of the most thoroughly indigenous sounds coming out of Fla...and hell if that song “Hold On” don’t scratch the spot just right.”
- Bao Le-Huu, Orlando Weekly
“truly excellent originals as well as covers by the Band, sung mightily and raised the hair on my neck. Papers seem to think they are Rock, but I think they are just real good and somehow got tuned into that Delaney, Bonnie, Leon/Shelter People era and following the path where it left off ”
 - TweedBlues Magazine
“The sum of the parts is one of the strongest live shows in the state, the music stately and sweeping, with powerful melodies and hooks, grinding jams with soaring guitars and tight drum work, and a frontman that can carry “the weight”  - John Prinzo, Reax Music Magazine
 “better every time! Wynn plenty comfortable as demonstrative frontman, accentuating hard-charging hybrid of Southern rock & gospel w/magnetic stage presence-makes us Believers! channels old-school Memphis R&B and rock, allowing Wynn to let his gritty tenor be carried away by emotion. really love this band”
“soulful, gritty tunes, some as sweet as honeysuckle and others ferociously jagged ...reminiscent of Levon Helm, Neil Young and the Allman Brothers, but they still boldly radiated a sound and southern charm all their own”   - Kalene McCort, Metromix Orlando
"The internet age of instant fame, one-hit wonders, auto-tuned pop music, rock 'n' roll band, Thomas Wynn and the Believers strives for an honest, organic sound."
- Alex LaSalle, George-Ann Show

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